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The Starry Expanse's AMA on Reddit

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Shorah, fellow Myst/URU faithful!

It's been awhile since the Guild has updated about The Starry Expanse project, a fan-made 3D remake of Riven along the lines of RealMyst. The game has been progressing nicely and has had a few big developments as of late.  At an appearance at Mysterium, Max "Zib Redlektab" Batchelder presented the latest build of the game on Prison Island and made the incredible announcement that the team has received the full blessing of Cyan Worlds, Inc. to continue working on the game! The company is even providing the source files from the original game for use with the project as well as helping out where they can.

Here are a few video samples from in-game (work-in-progress):

Prison Island

Prison Island 2


Gate Room

For those with questions about the game (and given the scope of the project, people probably have a lot), the SE team will be conducting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit at 10:00 AM EDT (2:00 PM GMT or 8:00 AM KI time) to answer those questions. The GoMe will provide a summary of what is discussed afterward.

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